Posted by: daveb78 | July 2, 2008

OWB Documentation Generation

As I sit here cranking through page after page of documentation for a client’s data mart project, I can’t help but wonder why OWB can’t do this for me. It seems fundamental that a tool as sophisticated as OWB would be able to execute a task as trivial as generating documentation. The metadata is all there, so it seems that some XSL (or whatever) could easily be applied to generate something that’s at least marginally useful. Sure I could use Toad’s HTML documentation generator, but that would just present the info from a database perspective and may not be as useful to whoever will eventually take ownership of this datamart via the OWB client.



  1. did you work out a solution for generating documentation out of owb? Working on a similar problem.

    • No, i really never had the intention of working on this problem. I just wanted to complain about it.


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